Soccerbook offers tours to the various regions of the world and offers teams, clubs and organizations from around the world the opportunity to train, play games, visit colleges and academies, sightseeing opportunities with academic and technology campus visits, english language lessons throughout the world.  For the past 20 years Soccerbook has customized over 100 youth soccer tours for over 4,000 players, coaches and parents, including organizing all travel, accommodations and logistical support. Internationally players and coaches have traveled to Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, England and Wales. We have organized youth games against Liverpool FC, Chelsea FC, QPR, Wolves, Manchester City, Everton. Within the USA we have arranged travel to Portland, Hawaii, San Diego, Orlando, Orange County, Northern California, New Jersey and Las Vegas. Our coaches have visited clubs in various countries to run coaching sessions and educational tours including Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Belgium, England, Spain, France, Germany and many others. 

TOUR 1: San Francisco/Silicon Valley College & Technology: (12 nights) 

TOUR 2: Silicon Valley/Los Angeles College & Media & Entertainment: (12 nights) 

TOUR 3: East Coast/Ivy Schools & NESCAC Schools - New York, Boston, DC: (12 nights)  

TOUR 4: Hawaii/California/Florida: (14 Nights) 

Tour packages include: 

Landed costs included: meals, domestic travel, college seminar, university campus visits, sightseeing, training, games, uniform, SBC coaching staff and liaison, ball

Items not included: 

International flights & travel insurance; additional fees such as MLS match tickets, personal expenditure, theme park entry fees

Minimum Participation: 

15 persons of similar age group and gender. i.e U14-15 Girls or U17-18 boys. 

* amounts above based on min. # of participants 

Maximum Participation: ​

20 persons for one squad of similar ability at any given time 
60 persons or 3 squads of similar ability at any given time 

Dates (Note that dates can be customized):
  • June 15- July 15
  • July 15- August 30th
  • December 1st- March 1st
  • March 1st- June 1st 

EXAMPLE: Tour 1: Silicon Valley 

  • Competitive games vs boys & girls youth club teams or Academy teams for elite level

  • Training with host club PSV Union FC in Palo Alto 
  • Campus visits to Stanford University, Cal Berkeley, San Jose State
  • Meet college coaches in person- train at college locations 
  • English Language lessons
  • Coaching/training 2 hours per day
  • Sightseeing to Silicon Valley technology companies
  • San Francisco city tour 
  • Meet college coaches/guest appearances from college coaches
  • Parent & Player Q&A, college talk on recruiting process & college information seminar


Silicon Valley is the capital of social media/web 2.0, ‘dot-com’ and the 'home' of the Internet. Football is the participant’s sport of choice for most of the regions’ families. Some of the world wealthiest individuals reside in this unique region and some of the most influential and successful venture capital and merchant banking firms in the world are based or have a presence in the area. San Francisco airport is located 35 mins drive north of Palo Alto, while San Jose is a 20 min drive out and only a 1 hour flight from Los Angeles. Silicon Valley is renowned for its excellent climate an attractive and safe environment, relaxed lifestyle, first class facilities and affluence and is located within what is commonly known as the "Bay Area", encompassing San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland with the wine country to the north and home of 2 of the world’s leading Universities; Stanford and Berkeley. Located between the Pacific Rim, Asia/Australia and Central and South America as well as North America and Europe, Silicon Valley and San Francisco is an ideal location. The San Francisco Bay Area is a Football hotbed. The region is the home to MLS team, San Jose Earthquakes and is a hotbed of youth and collegiate soccer with one of, if not the largest soccer region in the United States. World Cup ’94 USA vs. Brazil game was played in the heart of Silicon Valley at Stanford Stadium. Many Professional  teams have visited the area such as Lazio, Real Madrid, Leverkusen, Aston Villa, WBA, Alaves, Chelsea, Inter Milan, Club America, Barcelona  and numerous national teams have played here against both local clubs, the USA national team, Mexican, Central and South American opposition. Mexican teams have typically filled the stadiums due to the large Hispanic community in the area. The San Francisco ‘Bay Area’ also has one of the largest Asian communities in the United States. It’s an ideal location for professional teams to come and train/tour in preparation for the European season or for college visits and youth competition. These companies are were founded and headquartered in Silicon Valley. Hewlett Packard, Yahoo, Google, Sun Microsystems, Apple, Pixar/Disney, Cisco Systems, Oracle, E-Bay, Sega, EA Sports, Macromedia, Intel, Adobe, Netscape, Mozilla, Silicon Graphics, Lucas Film, Intuit, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Net App, Salesforce, Tesla, PayPal and some of the world top incubators are based in the region: Founder Institute, Y Combinator while these companies are were founded and headquartered in SF. Uber, Reddit, Yelp, Pinterest, Fitbit, Dropbox, Craigslist, Wells Fargo, Bechtel, AirBNB, Schwab, Lucas Art, Lucas Film, Gap, Levi Strauss, Banana Republic. Old Navy, Zynga, Chevron.

Contact: for more information on upcoming tours.