Dr John Ratey, Associate Clinical professor of Psychiatry Harvard University

Author of world recognized best seller 'Spark:The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain'

"SBC is proud to share this experience with our network. For many years we have been on a similar philosophical trajectory with Tom, and decided to join forces to help better educate parents and young players, youth coaches and clubs on best practice, specifically relating to self practice away from structured environments emphasized in Toms book ‘Soccer Starts At Home’. Tom will be joined by Dr John Ratey to discuss the link between physical activity, proper brain function and how we continue to discover more revolutionary insights that reveal themselves in youth sports and specifically grassroots soccer. This is a fantastic opportunity for our region to learn from someone who practically started the youth soccer craze in Japan which has led to tremendous success and is now working with/in China to do the same. With Tom increasing his visits to the USA we are excited to be in the forefront of this initiative which could have far reaching positive effects on the soccer culture in the USA for generations". (Gary Ireland- SBC Co-Founder- click here for Gary's article on Tom Byer at the 2017 NSCAA convention)   CONTACT. info@soccerbookconsulting.com 

Tom Byer is recognized by his football peers, the AFC, numerous national Football Federations, major football sponsor brands, international media and the countless number of young footballers he has taught and inspired over the last 24 years, as the world's leading grassroots technical coach.  He is author of “Soccer Starts at Home” (Amazon). Tom takes his more than 25 years of teaching kids football around the world and aligns it with cutting edge academic research in the field of child development and produces an easy to understand coaching curriculum and seminars for parents who would like to help their kids at sports, in school, and at life. Tom is invited to speak at Conferences around the World having presented to leading Soccer Organizations, Federations and Professional Clubs including UEFA, FIFA, AFC, English FA, KNVB, German Bundesliga, Croatian FA, Ajax, Dinamo Zagreb, Dortmund, Manchester United, and many more.

Tom has conducted events in more than 2,000 locations with 500,000+ children participating. To culminate his achievement, Adidas honored Tom with the prestigious Golden Boot award, which he accepted in France after the FIFA 1998 World Cup draw for his contribution to youth soccer in Asia. Tom remains the only youth coach in world football to have received this prestigious award. In 2012, the AFF football blog named Tom as one of the top 10 influential foreign football people in Japan. Tom is considered a major developmental influence by Japanese soccer legends Shinji Kagawa, and Aya Miyama see video 

Recently Tom has partnered with MLS club Houston Dynamo. See link to story here. See interview on Fox News Houston 

Judged by his football peers, the local and international media (see FIFA Futbol Mundial interview Tomsan Interview / FIFA Futbol Mundial) and the countless number of young Japanese over the space of 24 years, Tom has forever changed the way soccer is taught and played throughout Japan and his name and reputation attracted great interest from China and other parts of Asia. The Chinese Football Association (CFA) recently announced the appointed Tom as Head Technical Advisor for the Chinese School Football Program Office and Official CSF Grassroots Ambassador. Under the guidance of the State General Administration of Sports and the Ministry of Education, the CFA has launched a plan to promote football into schools across China to enhance the quality of training and coaching of grassroots football. (See video of Toms first clinic with the CSF in China).Tom provides coaching services to coaches and instructors across China and assist the CSF Office to analyze the current status of the CSF Program and on-going enhancement of the curriculum. See Today Online video Tom also works closely with top Chinese club Beijing Guoan (see article in Chinese) 


Even though Tom has been teaching football to children for over two decades, it wasn't until he had two children of his own that he understood he'd been missing something. And he realized that it wasn't just him, but the football world in general that was ignoring football's youngest age bracket. Can you teach football skills to a 2-year-old? Tom decided to find out with his own two sons. He documented and videoed their progress and using this practical experience helped to develop Tom's philosophy, which was previously based on his countless hours of coaching other people's children with more traditional methods. This book makes Tom's philosophy available to all parents in a simple and straightforward way. It also reaches into cutting edge child development theory which explains the benefits of utilizing Tom's methodology to not just improve technical football skills, but also to assist in the development of a young child's brain. This book explains how you can teach very young children the skills required to be a football player in a fun and self-motivating way - and anybody can do it. You don't need to be a professional coach like Tom; you just need to be a parent. It's not about coaching and coaches; it's about using a parent's love for their children and a child's need for parental approval to ignite the child's interest, and eventually love for the game. In 'Football Starts at Home,' Tom Byer is sending a message to the world of football. If you think there's nothing new to be learned in the sport, think again.


In 1989 Tom started Japanese Company, Kix International –an organization focused on youth football training. National Clinic Program designed for the U12 Age Group to Nestle Japan. He organized 50 events in the first year sponsored by Milo. Tom would become the face of this highly successful Youth Clinic Program for 10 years. In 1993 Tom introduced the Coerver Coaching Program to Japan. He travelled throughout Asia conducting clinics for National Football Federations to help improve and encourage youth development. Throughout his leadership tenure in Coerver Coaching, Tom established more than 60 schools in Japan.

After Coerver Coaching Asia Tom started T3 academy focusing on training clinics and developing multi media platforms for the delivery of specific programs and curriculums for youth development across the Asian region and globally. In 2012 the Football Association of Indonesia announced a partnership with T3 to assist with their bid for the 2017 FIFA Under-17 World Cup.

From 1998, Tom starred in Japan's Number One Children's' TV Program, Oha Suta, presenting the "Tomsan's Soccer Technics" Corner on TV Tokyo's morning Show, for 13 years. This coupled with "Tomsan's Soccer Technics" Corner in Japan's number one Manga comic book, CoroCoro Comic, established Tom as the leader in grassroots football.

In 1999, Tom appeared in the VHS Video Series, "Tomsan's Soccer Technics, Part 1 and Part 2. This was produced by TV Tokyo, Shopro, JVC. In 2009 and 2010, Tom released "Tomsan's 1v1 Technics" and "Tomsan's Coaching A to Z" DVDs.

• Has created tailor made Soccer Clinic Event Programs for Adidas, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Canon, Dominos Pizza and Nestle which ran for 10 years and featured 50 events nationwide per annum.

• Created a ground breaking 360 degree approach to establishing the Soccer Brand, whilst further increasing the reach to the potential football youth of Japan with introduction of a multi media approach: TV, Magazines, Internet, Books, DVD’s Events, Camps, using all the same curriculum.

• Starred in his own Japanese television program “Ohasuta”, appearing on TV Tokyo’s Channel 12, every weekday morning from April 1998 to Dec 2010.

• For almost 20 years – Tom has written a 2 page Technical Corner for Soccer Digest, Japan’s largest Soccer Magazine.

• Features in Japan’s No. 1 Manga Comic Book for 13 years, “Tomsan’s, Let’s Try Soccer”, 1.2 Million circulation.

• Written 3 books on the Soccer Youth Development for the Japanese market with a 4th scheduled for release in early 2013 – more than 50,000 copies sold to date.

• Released 2 Soccer Instructional Videos for the Japanese market , “Tomsan’s Soccer Technics.” Sold out 20,000 copies.

• Currently still ranked as the Number One DVD Best Seller within the Football Category on Amazon.com, Japan; “Tomsan’s 1v1 Technics” DVD, was released in 2009

* Released at the end of 2010, Tomsan’s Coaching A to Z, 3 Part DVD Series, currently Ranked Number One on amazon was endorsed by Takeshi Okada, former Head Coach of the Japan National Team, World Cup 1998 and 2010

* Hosted the 2002 World Cup Adidas Golden Ball and Golden Boot unveiling and talk show to the worldwide media together with Franz Beckenbauer, Aime Jacquet and Carlos Alberto Parreira 


​​Meet the American youth development guru behind China’s World Cup dreams 

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 2002 World Cup Adidas Golden Ball and Golden Boot

First Clinic in Chengdu China- 2013

Professional Club, Beijing Guoan, supporting Grassroots Football Development together with the Beijing Bureau of Education and Tom Byer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0ZLSiMiM9M  

Meet the American youth development guru behind China’s World Cup dreams 


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Meet the American youth development guru behind China’s World Cup dreams 

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Chinese Football Association (CFA) appointment as Head Technical Advisor for the Chinese School Football Program Office and Official CSF Grassroots Ambassador. Under the guidance of the State General Administration of Sports and the Ministry of Education