• Social Media strategy for amateur, professional clubs & leagues
  • Developer of mobile apps. 
  • Customized White Label Social Platforms for clubs, leagues, tournaments, brands.

SBC founders have been Silicon Valley residents and investors in the region for over 20 years. Based in Palo Alto, SBC is located in the heart of Silicon Valley where most of the largest and web 2.0 social media companies are based and were founded as well as several globally recognized incubators and accelerators. SBC is also invested in the football industry at the youth and professional levels. Soccerbook is regularly approached by entrepreneurs, investors seeking mentoring and networking opportunities and holds advisory and ownership roles in technology companies. 

Numerous investment opportunities circulate in Silicon Valley on a regular basis. With an influx of domestic and foreign investment to Silicon Valley in an attempt to gain early stage footholds in emerging technology opportunities SBC sees extensive deal flow and can provide athletes and their agencies access to early stage/seed investment opportunities offering mentorship and seed financing advice and opportunities.

SBC wishes to focus on the most exceptional technology-focused agents/agencies with world class talent seeking ground level higher risk/higher return investments. SBC can connect and match athlete wealth management individuals, agencies or similar investors to Silicon Valley investors and entrepreneurs who are seeking early stage investment as well as incubators

SBC typically works with entrepreneurs seeking to raise capital for a technology based concept from 'Angels', 'Super Angels' and to VC' in the range if $150k-$500k seed round with a view to raising $500k- $1.5 mil 'Series A'.  Spreading the risk and return and practicing lean startup principles is the strategy SBC follows. 

The following areas are of particular interest to SBC.  

  • Web 2.0
  • Social Games
  • Mobile Apps that are either free with in-app transactions or paid apps. 
  • Direct response advertising. Businesses where the customer is measuring their spending on a completely direct response basis. but not sites like large portals or businesses that need to reach extreme scale to appeal to media buyers looking to purchase brand-directed advertising.In general, if the site is helping a consumer make a financially-significant decision then an advertising business is attractive
  • Enterprise software. High-value products for enterprise customers where the price points are very low so that they can be sold online and without a large sales force
  • Consumer subscriptions. Low priced monthly subscriptions where the product grows in value over time through more customer data being accrued or where there is a network effect
  • Marketplaces that connect buyers and sellers of a particular community. Serving small but growing markets and now have large defensible positions

Contact Gary Ireland to learn more. 

social media 'long tail' has arrived. democratizing media has allowed voices to be heard however care must be taken not to damage one's brand & personal reputation. having a bully-pulpit & megaphone like Twitter/FB is great for those who have no voice or with grievances to air or those who brand build but closed networks are more valuable from a personal & professional perspective.! (Gary Ireland- founder)