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University of Hawaii
UC Riverside
University of the Pacific
UC Berkeley
Cal State Fullerton
University of South Dakota
San Diego State
UC San Diego
University of Pittsburgh


All participants entered their information on their Player Page so they could be searched by College Coaches. College Coaches accessed the following information from players Player Pages. 


  • Name & contact information
  • Date of Birth
  • Graduation year
  • Playing state
  • Club Name
  • Shirt number
  • GPA
  • SAT
  • Playing Position​​​


List of the top 10 schools player is interested in​. * While we recommend that players list their preferred school.s. it was not required.

We did ask that players provide information on their general college preferences/targets (region, division, school size) 

  • Whether or not the player is committed to a program
  • Coaches name & contact
  • Player references from current & former coaches-incl. contact details
  • Video (Premium members) 
  • Academic transcript (Premium members) 
  • Players comments on homework & training
  • Players ambitions, favorite players, teams and more about them
  • Evaluation by coach/es (Premium members) 
  • Self-Evaluation (Premium members) 
  • High School team name​


All college coaches were provided a participant list prior to the event. The list was made available as a pdf and uploaded to a unique SBC player scouting page created for the ID event on College Coaches were able to access every piece of pertinent information on players. They also use the P2M search engine to scout players from their tablet or handheld device. 


SBC exclusively partnered with USA player showcase tournament San Diego Surf Cup to enhance the college recruiting experience for participating players, clubs & college coaches. San Diego Surf Cup is one of the nation's top college recruiting tournament and showcase, with hundreds of college coaches attending the Surf Cup and Surf College Cup each year to scout and recruit college bound players. SBC also partnered with social-media college recruiting platform to communicate with, manage, and promote college-bound soccer players and assist in refining college programs' scouting efforts. Pass2Me's cloud-based user-generated content soccer social networking platform provided SBC'c global clients & affiliates with the most efficient & convenient way to share player information while optimizing the college search for US college programs.Pass2Me had a robust privacy protected delivery platform which enabled SBC and clients to socialize the player information & details. upload and archive video, transcripts, evaluations, self evaluations and player schedules; and utilize its advanced two-way college search database. Using Pass2Me saved players, parents and college coaches considerable time and money while enabling SBC to optimize its college match capability for our clients and communicate our clients' profiles and data with potential recruiters more efficiently. ​



girls college id clinic

THURSDAY, 11/27/14



Two, 2 hour sessions were offered- one in the morning and one in the afternoon with players permitted to attend only one event to avoid fatigue. The 2 hr sessions were divided into 4 parts: 

1) physical and technical warm up 

2) individual technical training 

3) collective technical training 

4) small sided games 


SESSION #1: 11:00am-1:00pm

1:00-1:30pm Q&A with player/parents on recruiting topics

SESSION #2: 2:00-4:00pm 

4:00-4:30pm Q&A with player/parents on recruiting topics


The event was open to all college track players. There were 2 sessions: 11am & 2pm. Space was limited to 80 players/session. To attend, all players must send in payment and have an activated and completed free a Pass2me Player Page (in order to verify grad year, birthdate, etc.) and parents must sign a waiver. 


Visit the Player Info Page to Register


SBC in conjunction with college recruiting affiliate plaform sponsored, presented & hosted the first of its kind College ID clinic in San Diego Surf Cup history at Del Mar Polo Fields, the same location as the San Diego Surf College Cup.  The event was attended by 100 elite level youth players on Thanksgiving Day and was headed by SBC Directors Gary & Carine Ireland with the support of 12 college staff and current New Zealand National Team head coach Tom Sermanni.  The event made Surf Cup an even richer recruiting and showcasing experience for players and college coaches alike while maintaining the core attraction of tournament play. The event provided a pre-event warm up for players, allowing college coaches up close visibility and player interaction while using the event to learn more about the player before the tournament commences. All registrations and ID camp management was handled by SBC who registered all players and college coaches on the networking system. 

College Coaches: find out more & register
Players: Find out more & Register



SBC was an official major sponsor of the 2014 & 2015 San Diego Surf Cup and College Cup recruiting/scouting partner and sponsor and the exclusive strategic partner of Surf Cup sponsor, scouting platform This collaboration allowed college coaches attending Surf Cup events access to user generated content to enhance their recruiting efforts. Player profiles were maintained by players/families. This included players' college choices & soccer & academic information listed in the player search database

pre- TOURNAMENT event 

While playing in a competitive match is a very important aspect of the recruiting process the Training Environment is an ideal platform to scout players. Players have an opportunity to exhibit qualities that coaches otherwise does not get to see in games. Likewise, players get an opportunity to interface and work with college coaches. Coaches want to observe: 

  • How do players practice?
  • What are your training habits?
  • Do players work well/interact well with others unfamiliar to them?
  • Do players show good communication skills and leadership skills? 
  • 'Are they receptive to being trained?
  • How do they self-prepare? 
  • How do they function in a small sided game (e.g. 5 v 5)?

By coaching at our ID camp college coaches were able to optimize their scouting time because they werent able to see players in action as much as they would like to in a whole game during the actual tournament. They also saw how players function outside their team environment because these sessions were for individual participants not for entire teams. College coaches were also able to train/work with players and be able to speak with players in training sessions whereas they werent able to during the tournament due to NCAA recruiting rules. Players were able to get to know college coaches personally, observe their teaching and communication style.