Soccerbook offers National Federations and large Leagues a free of charge/free to use customized, white-label social technology platform valued approximately $1mil. that will enhance connectivity, reach and effectiveness, bringing an interactive experience not currently available to organizations. The aim of the platform is to develop a more efficient scouting system for Academies & National teams and colleges while allowing its player members the ability to be scouted. Our user-generated platform reduces cost, increases revenue through increased advertising opportunities for marketing partners and sponsors and saves valuable administrative and technical staff time due to  its user-generated content. Organizations are given complete ownership over the databaseand content  including creative control of the platform's UI & UX. 

Among numerous features our platform features a database that includes: 

  • Player tracking, analysis and evaluations 
  • State and national team/country of birth/origin tracking, allowing organization's to search members by city, state, region, gender, birth year, graduation year, country etc. 
  • Built-in US college search function

We can also add the following if required: 

  • Domestic club listing for every club which is operating in organization's country 
  • Coach, Manager and Administrative database allowing connect directly with every coach, administrator & parent
  • Search field for player ranking by verified scouts/scouting system 

Soccerbook has developed a global player & coach search platform/engine for recreational, competitive, collegiate and professional players, coaches and managers. Our platform is soccer’s first fully integrated/customized 'white-label' social platform designed for leagues, federations/governing bodies, clubs & organizations between 250,000-10 million+ users in size. The platform will allow Federations/Leagues the ability to own and control its own Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn-type platform, including exclusive ownership of its own database and advertising. The platform also features customized robust privacy/admin/moderator settings.  Our platform is significantly more robust than other platforms will allow owners more direct and immediate connectivity to players, parents, coaches and administrators. While traditional social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are still encouraged, the brand enhancement and user engagement potential we offer is unparalleled. For the right partner we are able to quickly customize the platform exactly to user specifications.

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