Soccerbook represents the sales and licensing rights to the worlds largest football coaching material platform which can accommodate many users and has already over 1 million exercises on the platform with hundreds of leagues and professional clubs and thousands of individual users in over 80 countries. Acquiring the IP will allow the buyer to distribute to its community of coaches and players and greater football community. Purchasing this company will allow the buyer to connect to hundreds of thousands of coaches and also clubs around the world already using the system. Alternatively a customized sale of the IP to provide a bespoke version for the buyers market can be produced. A backend service can be dedicated to ensure a seamless acquisition or partnership.

coaching method & curriculum:


Soccerbook is partnered with of the worlds most advanced technical coaching methods, founded by former Wiel Coerver assistant Michel Mommertz, arguably one of the foremost technical development experts in youth football. Read here for more information. For 30 years our coaching team has been at the forefront of developing the worlds leading youth coaching material which has developed coaches for UEFA Champions League clubs and English Premier League clubs and contributed extensively to the ‘IP' behind the worlds leading youth coaching methodology. The material focuses on individual technical development which to date has not yet been developed to the extent we have done. We are seeking a prominent organization who can distribute our Elite level coaching brand, which is currently supported by a 3D animation player training and coaching website (with future VR & AR currently in development). Our team of coaches and coaching directors are available to implement globally the coaching methodology for schools, clubs and leagues and federations as well for media companies supporting their sponsor clients point of sale & online promotions. Licensing, affiliate, franchise opportunities are available for bespoke projects.


FOOTBALL SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM for federations, league & clubs

Soccerbook Consulting owns 100% of (including source code/IP). The founders funded and designed this free to use platform designed to cater to large organizations with our award winning designers and developers. Soccerbook can sell the platform including source code (white label or IP code drop), or can gift the platform for free or at a reduced cost using a revenue sharing model to a high performing/prominent partner (preferably a National Federation, Large Youth or Professional League or Coaching organization). If a partnering organization or buyer wishes to own a customized platform we can redesign the code and wireframe to create bespoke platforms.  The buyer or licensee can host their entire ecosystem on the platform and generate revenue through advertising sales. By either purchasing or partnering with Pass2me, the buyer would own the database, control the privacy features, own the advertising space and embed the other social platforms into the site to create a robust platform. A backend service can be dedicated to ensure a seamless acquisition or partnership. Contact