Michel developed a revolutionary training program for learning soccer techniques based on 30 years of vast experience in youth development. Almost all the aspects of modern soccer technique is comprehensively explained in a balanced program with 25 Skill levels, consisting of 96 soccer skills of functional and game related exercises. Learning the skills will improve players technical ability and consequently players will have more fun playing soccer. The program features new exercises and adapted existing ones to create a functional football skills training program that is far more focused on what today’s football requires from the youth. Our program has been condensed into an extensive skills and exercises program that every coach and player can easily understand. Our program also provided coaches with exercises whereby the individually learned skills can be practiced in groups of multiple players structured and presented in an increasing level of difficulty as well as helps the entire coaching staff learn the exercises themselves so they in turn can teach their players. Michels development method is divided into 5 different age groups by identifying functional soccer skills suitable for each age making skills accessible for every boy and girl regardless of their ability. The higher the players skill level is the easier and quicker the player can adapt to the tactical game of modern football/soccer. It is the same as going to school; first learn the alphabet before you can learn how to read and write.  Players with more ability and talent shall learn the skills faster than the one without great ability or talent, however, in the end everybody will learn certain skills to better their game and consequently will have more fun playing soccer! 



A comprehensive football skills training programs, featuring exercises and skills that better develop the skills of players of all levels and abilities, and which makes playing football much more fun, would of course present a solution to football at large. The millions of youth football players around the world deserve an effective and enjoyable way to develop their skills and unlock their potential. The training exercises and skills we have developed  are accessible to every football player and coach. However, for these exercises and moves to have an impact, it is essential that coaches and clubs who want their youths to improve their skills keep an open mind to alternative training methods and tips that can add something valuable to their existing program. Remember that what comes first is their players and how they are being trained. Everything in life is constantly changing, and football training exercises and coaching methods are no exception. Today, greater attention is paid to player fitness, and rightly so, but emphasis on technique continues to lag too far behind, especially at a time when everyone’s clamoring for technically skilled players to make the game more attractive and exciting, for the type of players who can beat defenders, create chances and provide the spectacular. Football is more than technique. However the more technical skills you possess as a player, the easier it is for players to have command of the tactical aspects of the game.

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Michel Mommertz has been at the forefront of world youth football technical development for 30 years including 20+ years with legendary Dutch youth coaching development guru Wiel Coerver. Michel coached with Wiel Coerver since 1978 and moved to Dubai in the late 80's where he remained with Wiel Until 2001 after Wiel moved to Egypt before retiring. Other well known coaches have had spells assisting Wiel Coerver such as former Manchester United FC, Tottenham, Feyenoord, Red Bull and PSV Eindhoven coaches and for a brief time brothers Simon and Soccerbook Consulting co-founder Gary Ireland, however, none were as instrumental and important than Michel in collaborating with Wiel Coerver. Michel co-created the exercises and in addition demonstrated Wiel Coerver's coaching material and prepared and trained numerous players around the world. Michel has advanced and created his own unique variation of groundbreaking material focused on training players ages 6-18 years to offer worldwide professional coaching to clubs and academies as well as coaches education seminars and events.  

Michel has established and operated youth football academies in both the UAE and the Netherlands, developing players from a young age to professional and national team, based on his advanced training material he created with Wiel Coerver. For the past 30 years, Michel has conducted camps and clinics for players and coaches in the Netherlands, UAE, USA, India, Japan, Cyprus, Egypt, throughout the Middle East. 

Michel currently lives and coaches in Dubai, UAE for Al Wasl where he is developing his training methodology on an advanced 3D interactive website focused on individual and small group player technical development for coaches and players. He has previously developed iOS and Android football skills App for players and CD-ROM, 3D websites for the EPL (England) and Dutch Football Association (KNVB) based on the Wiel Coervers coaching material for Voetbal International (Holland) and T3 in China where he developed 3D Football Techniques CSF version of the T3 Sports 3D Training app. and made a 3D video game for the Sun/Herald in Australia

Michel started his professional football career at age 15, becoming the youngest professional player ever to play in the Dutch Premier League, a record that lasted until 2006. During his career he played for MVV Maastricjt, NEW Nijmegen, Roda Kerkrade, Mitsubishi Hong Kong, Tung Sing Hong Kong.


Many coaches, players, parents and fans believe that the best way for youth players to develop their skills is by playing football in the street with their friends. But nowadays, street football is disappearing from our modern industrial societies, where heavy traffic and other dangers make it virtually impossible to play street football or any other street game safely. Moreover, kids are losing interest in playing the game because there is a lack of qualified coaches and inspiring training programs and also because of other social interests. No young player wants to play on a team if practice means simply running laps around the field, and if screaming coaches are simply interested in winning at all costs. Young people want to be challenged, to be creative, and, above all, they want to identify with the superstar football players. A coach’s qualities, his or her experience and training programs, are among the most important factors in a youth player’s development but too much potential talent is wasted because of wrong coaching. It’s hardly surprising that the major and wealthy professional football clubs hire the best coaches to ensure that their youth players are developed properly. Yet even these clubs aren’t always successful in this, because they too must often buy high-priced players from other football clubs. We provide a long term development  solution for clubs wishing to develop home grown players.