Soccerbook consultants have decades of combined experience in the soccer industry and we use this expertise to help you gain a competitive advantage.  

Our team has  been advising, scouting, coaching, training and placing players, coaches, managers & industry professionals in organizations, clubs & teams around the world for our entire professional careers. We have worked with associations and national federations, international event committees and conventions, player agents, professional club owners and managers, teams and players, and more. We advise companies and charities working within the soccer industry as well sponsors or technology companies aiming to enter the football market.  We also consult on special projects and event management.

Soccerbook works directly with our resources within the industry to provide the most accurate and useful information and best opportunities to fit our clients' needs. Our team of consultants have proven track records and a diverse background in domestic and international soccer, and all have worked closely with our managing directors extensively over the course of years on multiple projects and have strong reputations for reliability, capability and professionalism.

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