We offer client packages and individual services. Because our client packages provide a wide variety of college services for one price, we believe it is the best value service we offer if you require more comprehensive assistance. However, if you only require advice or consulting on a specific aspect of the college process, the individual services may fit your needs better. 


Our services help clients gain a better understanding of the college process, better target their search for schools, and improve their chances of finding the right college and getting recruited and offered a scholarship. We have had a near 100% rate of success with matching players to colleges. This is in part because we provide a fair and honest assessment during our initial evaluation and we only work with clients who we feel we can assist to the best of our abilities. Once you are a Soccerbook client, we are committed to guiding you throughout the college recruiting process. Clients are expected to maintain academic and playing standards.

During our free initial consultation, we will determine what services are best suited for you and make a recommendation.


individual services

You may sign up for any one of these service individually. You do not have to be a Soccerbook client but would simply pay for services by the hour. However, if you only require a few hours of advice, the individual services may be better suited to your needs.

  • How to communicate with college coaches (writing letters, emails, making contact & follow up)

  • General advice on college recruiting process

  • Basic Student-Athlete Assessment (resume/transcript review, player evaluation, video review)

  • In-Depth Student-Athlete Assessment (resume/transcript review, advanced player evaluation (Player Eval, extensive video review, in-person game review (if feasible), individual training session (if feasible), projected level of play)

  • Training/Coaching Sessions & Player Evaluation (our coaches train you for 1-5 sessions and then evaluate you based on your soccer abilities only, using our advanced player evaluation system

  • Video content analysis, consulting & editing (most video footage does not best represent a player; our expert coaches and recruiters review your footage and advise you on formulating several clips that will best represent you; we can also recommend a service or edit the video for you)

  • Road mapping & planning throughout the recruiting process (these services is offered in conjunction with several other individual services; we make an assessment and help you narrow down your list, suggest schools to target, give you an idea of expected recruiting timeline)

  • Scouting/showcase opportunities and recommendations (we help you with suggestions and plan for what ID camps and showcase opportunities to attend to get scouted)

For more information on specific pricing and customized packages, contact us.