Educating players, families, teams, clubs and leagues on the college recruiting process

Host organization should provide: 

  • room/facility
  • seating
  • projector & screen 
  • white board
  • sound/speaker (if required)

Interested groups should plan 2-3 months in advance to secure optimal time slot. 



  • ​Road-mapping The College Process
  • Are you on track to play college soccer? 
  • How to get recruited & when to start the recruiting processLearn how college coaches recruit  
  • What qualities do college coaches look for in a player 
  • Learn what the college & club coaches discuss 
  • Are your club coaches and coach preparing you for college play? 
  • Time management-Managing your academic workload
  • Aligning academic and athletic ability
  • Finding the right fit
  • Use of video in college scouting & recruiting (content & duration)


  • How does it all work?
  • When to start the college recruiting process
  • At what age do players start getting 'seen' 
  • How does your child get scouted (league, practice, tournament etc)
  • ​What platforms do college coaches use to scout players
  • What can you do to help get your child better visibility
  • Local v National Can i get scouted locally? 
  • Selecting the right college environmentRoadmapping a realistic athletic/financial and academic plan


  • Getting your information out there
  • What responsibilities do players, coaches, parents, managers, clubs & leagues have in the process
  • Using technology to promote players' profiles
  • How, when and with whom you should share your information
  • Pass2me.com & Soccerbook tutorials; how to set up and use your account


  • How to prepare your players for tournament showcases
  • How to provide ID opportunities for you players
  • How to tactically/philosophically play in college showcases vs. league play
  • Event selection. Am i taking my team to the right event? 

soccerbook college informational events

college ID Events

specially designed recruiting events aimed to effectively match players & college coaches

Soccerbook's goal is to offer ID events that provide an enhanced recruiting experience for both players and college coaches. Our events provide players with several advantages:

  • Get coached by and meet various college coaches
  • Great training & development opportunities: top level coaching staff
  • We provide an important showcasing situation: our events allow college coaches to see players train and play in a smaller group and within small sided game play situations - an important part of recruiting
  • We utilize the Pass2Me platform, which allows players to post, update & share their important academic, playing & college preference information with colleges, therefore improving the recruiting and matching process