Soccerbook provides expert, individualized, and targeted college guidance to help match each player to a college that is best suited to their academic, personal & athletic preferences, capability, and potential. Our team of consultants has advised, guided, identified, recruited, evaluated & matched numerous players with colleges (click here) that are the "best fit" for each individual, whether the program is NCAA Div I or Div III or NAIA, a large national university or a small private college, or a highly competitive & rigorous academic program or a more diverse educational experience. We work directly and closely with many college coaches to help both players and programs find a good match
Soccerbook提供专家,个性化和有针对性的大学指导,以帮助每个球员与最适合他们的学术,个人和运动偏好,能力和潜力的大学相匹配。我们的顾问团队为众多大学(点击此处)提供建议,指导,识别,招募,评估和匹配,这些人是每个人“最适合”的,无论该项目是NCAA Div I还是Div III或NAIA,国立大学或小型私立学院,或竞争激烈且严谨的学术课程或更多元化的教育体验。我们与许多大学教练直接密切合作,帮助球员和球队找到一个很好的比赛


SBC co-founder Carine Ireland is an American-Chinese soccer player and coach who serves as RSA Head of Pacific Rim/Oceania the premier US college soccer football consulting service for Chinese college bound soccer players. Carine is a graduate of Stanford University and holds an MBA from UCLA Anderson Business School. Carine is also the General Manager and Assistant Coaching Director of Silicon Valley based PSV Union FC Girls Academy, one of the most exclusive girls only soccer clubs in the USA. ​
SBC联合创始人Carine Ireland是一名美中足球运动员和教练,担任RSA太平洋沿岸/大洋洲负责人,为中国大学生足球运动员提供美国顶级足球足球咨询服务。 Carine毕业于斯坦福大学,拥有加州大学洛杉矶分校安德森商学院的MBA学位。她还是硅谷PSV Union FC女子学院的总经理和助理教练主任,该学院是美国最独特的女子足球俱乐部之一。

​​​​​​​​PROVIDING FEMALE chinese SOCCER players with college SOCCER opportunities in the USA

大学旅游;游戏; ESL /语言;训练;比赛

SBC has partnered with college guidance and recruiting company Rising Star Academy (RSA) to provide essential advice and guidance for prospective Chinese collegiate student-athletes to find the best USA college program to fit their needs. SBC & RSA will provide identification and recruiting opportunities as well as informational seminars in China and also provide opportunities to compete at the most prominent college showcase tournaments in the USA. features include on-campus college tours, training and ESL for elite players ages 12-17. SBC & RSA intends to create affiliates clubs, leagues and schools and organizations in China to assist these organizations in helping their players find the right college fit​
SBC与大学指导和招募公司新星学院(RSA)合作,为未来的中国大学生运动员提供必要的建议和指导,以找到最适合他们需求的美国大学计划。 RSA将在中国提供识别和招聘机会以及信息研讨会,并提供参加美国最着名的大学展示比赛的机会。功能包括校内大学之旅,培训和12-17岁的精英球员的ESL。 SB&RSA打算在中国建立分支机构俱乐部,联盟以及学校和组织,以帮助这些组织帮助他们的球员找到合适的大学。