Strategic COLLEGE RECRUITING partner

SOCCERBOOK is exclusively partnered with social-media based college recruiting platform to scout college-bound soccer players & assist in refining college programs' scouting efforts. This partnership enhances the college recruiting experience for U.K players and clubs, and USA college coaches. ​

Pass2Me's cloud-based user-generated content soccer social networking platform provides Soccerbook's U.K clients and affiliates with the most efficient & convenient way to share player information while optimizing the college search for U.K Players and USA College programs. Join Soccerbook on! 

Pass2Me boasts a robust privacy protected delivery platform which enables Soccerbook and our clients to: socialize the player information & details' upload and archive video, transcripts, evaluations, self evaluations and player schedules; and utilize our advanced two-way college search database. 

Using Pass2Me saves players, parents and college coaches considerable time and money while enabling Soccerbook to optimize our college match capability for our clients and communicate our clients' profiles and data with potential recruiters more efficiently. ​

assisting UK players with opportunities in the united states

The Soccerbook team has provided the essential advice and guidance for prospective collegiate student-athletes to find the best program to fit their needs in the USA for over 20 years. Soccerbook exclusively partners with Pass2Me to sponsor and partner with the most prominent player showcase tournament in the USA, the San Diego Surf Cup making the partnership the most robust in the game. 

Soccerbook provides expert, individualized, and targeted college guidance to help match U.K players to a college that is best suited to their academic, personal & athletic preferences, capability, and potential. Our team of consultants has advised, guided, identified, recruited, evaluated & matched dozens of players at colleges that are the "best fit" for each individual, whether the program is NCAA Div I or Div III or NAIA, a large national university or a small private college, or a highly competitive & rigorous academic program or a more diverse educational experience. We work directly and closely with many college coaches to help both players and programs find a good match.

the "UK football connection"

Our founders can relate to the college experience. Both Soccerbook and Pass2Me were co-founded by Liverpool born Gary Ireland who spent a brief time coaching at Liverpool FC Academy, allowing UK college-bound candidates and their clubs a unique and valuable perspective. Soccerbook co-founder Carine Ireland also offers a unique perspective having played for Liverpool FC Ladies while also attending the prestigious Stanford University and UCLA Anderson School of Business. 

Finding the right college fit is a challenging process for most players and families as well as clubs who are seeking to provide the best youth football experience for its members. The academic competition is tough, recruiting protocols are often unclear, there is a lot of information to sort through, and the timeline between getting scouted & receiving an offer or commitment to a school can be ambiguous. Soccerbook streamlines the entire process and provides a timeline for being scouted, recruited and selected. Soccerbook has now created an affiliate program in Great Britain for clubs, leagues and schools to assist these organizations in helping their players find the right college fit. 


Santa Clara, Stanford, William & Mary, Duke, Michigan, Dartmouth, USF, Cal Poly, St Mary's, Santa Cruz, Duke, Washington, Colorado College, North Carolina, Cal, Fresno State, Portland, Denver, Yale, Emory, UC Davis, Boston College, Princeton, Chicago, UCLA, Riverside, USC, Santa Barbara, Bowdoin, UCSD, San Jose State

300+ SCHOOLS HAVE RECRUITED OUR PLAYERS & we have over 1,000 direct inquiries from us college coaches. READ ABOUT SOME HERE.

WHy soccerbook?

  • We are able to help a variety of different student athletes, no matter what your goal is, but first we make sure that your expectations are aligned with what we are able to assist with. We are honest and upfront about what we can do for you and we only work with clients who we strongly believe we can provide the best service to. We believe a key element in the college matching process is the student-athlete. Young people who are hardworking students, dedicated soccer players and are committed to the recruiting process (contacting & following up with coaches, reaching out and putting yourself out there to be seen by colleges) will be most likely to be successful in this process.

  • For Soccerbook, the college recruiting process is more about finding the “right match” rather than just getting a lot of general inquiries from colleges or getting a scholarship offer. Our goal is to help match students to colleges that are the right academic, athletic and general (location, school size, campus) fit.

  • We provide very customized services. We work closely with clients and communicate directly with college coaches to find out what they want and to try and match people. There is a huge range of academic and athletic programs so it’s all about trying to connect the right people.

  • The Soccerbook staff individually evaluates a player’s ability and potential from a soccer coach’s perspective. Our professional trainers and coaches understand what to look for, and what college coaches want. This consists of anything from reviewing a playing background or resume, to communicating with your references (coaches), to training a player in an individual session, to watching a game or training in person, to video analysis. We understand strengths and weaknesses in players and if a college coach is looking for a specific type of player we can identify who might have the potential to be a fit for their program.

  • Our consulting is solely focused on ONLY soccer. Our directors, advisors and consultants have extensive experience at all levels in the game, from youth soccer to college to professional. We specialize in understanding what coaches, teams, programs and players need and want in terms of collegiate soccer. Our staff has an average of 15-20 years of coaching, recruiting and identification experience per person.

  • We have strong relationships in the global soccer community, and in particular with US colleges, because of our reputation for integrity and professionalism and our experience from a coach/player viewpoint. Our expert staff can accurately evaluate and assess the potential of all players. We don’t just place players in colleges; we try to find the right place for them. We are honest with players and colleges from the start about what they can expect in the recruiting process and what programs they should aim for. ​​