Image and Brand Creation, Development, Strategy

Technology Development & Investment

Social Media Expertise: Platform Development and Strategy for Clubs, Leagues & Associations/Federations

Non-Profit Consulting: Creation, Strategy, Fundraising

Youth Football Club Consulting: Formation, Management (operational & technical), Re-Organization/Re-Structuring and Mergers

Global Football Employment & Staffing

Professional Football Club Acquisition and Investment. Due Dligence

Global Coaching, Technical Development 

Academy Creation, Management and Player Development Solutions

Guest Speakers: Appearances and Events for Government and Private Sector

Women's Football Consulting: Creation, Strategy and Development for Club, League & National Federations

Global Scouting Network: for International, Professional and US Colleges

Legal Consulting for Football

Technical & Physical Training for Professional, International and College Level/Bound Players

Worldwide Tours

USA College Tours 

Football Photography

Injury Rehabilitation Training for Professional, International and College Level/Bound Players


Welcome to our global consulting network, Soccerbook Consulting, which I co-founded in 1990 as World Soccer Inc. Our world-renowned team of experts are globally recognized in their respective spaces, covering numerous aspects of the game. We are continually adding new advisors & consultants as we build out our services, and anticipate offering consulting advice on almost every aspect of the game.  We are partnered with Pass2Me, a robust privacy-protected, cloud-based social networking platform for soccer. This enables Soccerbook Consulting and our clients to access and connect with a larger global audience. Whatever and wherever your needs are anywhere in the world, there is a strong likelihood we can help you find what you are looking for and we hope to be of assistance to you or your organization. I look forward to seeing you join our network and staying connected with you on Pass2me. 
Gary Ireland Founder & Managing Director

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Having experienced nearly every facet of soccer professionally over the past few decades as players, coaches, administrators, agents & managers, and at every level from youth to professional and international, our group formed Soccerbook Consulting in 2013 to enable us to better share the benefit of our knowledge and expertise and serve the soccer community. 

Soccerbook's goal is to share our knowledge and help connect the soccer community so that people and organizations can better accomplish their goals and benefit from and for the game. Our Team consists of full time professionals who have had a lifetime of experience and dedication to soccer and we are fully committed to helping our clients and meeting their needs.

We have represented, recruited, placed, advised, partnered with, and associated with various international associations, national federations, professional and semi-pro clubs, leagues and teams, youth leagues, clubs and teams, and colleges and universities over the past two decades. We have a close to 100% success rate with creating opportunities, and matching clients with appropriate organizations, clubs and teams.